We are a printing company. We have been since 1929. A pretty good one at that [we have the awards to show it]. We like printing. We like paper. We like taking a concept and making it tangible. That used to be good enough to grow our business.

We have evolved as the needs of our clients have evolved. In conjunction with print, we now provide innovative technology solutions, along with an array of marketing services to all vertical markets.

Yes, we are still a best-in-class manufacturing print facility. Yes, we still like to print, but now we are asking you, our customers, why it is that you like to print.

Is it to communicate with your clients? Your employees? Is it to sell real estate? Is it to drive members to a trade show? Is it to educate or to raise money? Do you use print in conjunction with online advertising? Do you use print in conjunction with radio or television?

We want to understand your business, your concerns and then create tailored solutions, so our businesses can collectively grow.

We are Westland Printers. Where technology meets tradition. Out service. Out work. Out perform. That's our commitment to you.

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